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Technical Glass Grinding
The word technical glass is used when glass as a material is used for making scientific equipment, like lenses, night vision binoculars, Prisms, Sapphire glass, Quartz Widows, Mirrors, Zerodur Glass. WENDT has a range of tools to process these vast varieties of glassy raw material. Based on the specific tool type and application needed the tools and wheels are taken up for manufacturing. WENDT Makes Core drills for Blank preparation, Diamond Pellets in metal bond for Curve generation, Optical Axis Correcting/ centering Wheels
Ophthalmic /Spectacle glass processing wheels
The industry which caters to the correction of Vision in a human being is fast undergoing a change. Gone are the days where bulky glass spectacles were worn, nowadays advanced material like CR (Colombia Resin) and PC (Polycarbonate) is quickly taking over as the material of choice for the processing of spectacles. WENDT has a range of products from Vacuum brazed diamond wheels to fast cutting Metal bond Diamond wheels for the processing of these materials so that these engineered plastic lenses can be fitted on the Spectacle Frames.
Automotive/ Solar Glass

Today’s automobiles use Tempered and Laminated Safety glass for their front, rear, and the windows which are there in the doors. Some of them sit in rubber beadings, and some of them are exposed like the ones used in the windows, which go up and down. All of them have rounded edges, the process used to do this is called Pencil Edging. WENDT provides diamond grinding wheels for this application. It also provides the service of redressing these wheels once the profile is worn out. This service of redressing is provided in INDIA and the southeast Asia from our facility in Thailand.

Solar Glass is a patterned glass which is used to protect the photovoltaic panel from the elements of nature and has a very high degree of transmissivity. These are Ground on high-speed grinding lines. The wheels must keep pace to the production line speed and give a long service life. This calls for Wheel that are extremely free cutting at the same time can hold form. WENDT has a range of wheels to Meet these requirements of performances.

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